Welcome to LiveCad 2.0!

LiveCad 2.0 is the same LiveCad you love, with a completely revamped backend, making it much faster and more efficient, with a lag time of less than 2 seconds behind real-time dispatching.

To use LiveCad, you must first register. Registration is free, and access to LiveCad is free. By registering, you agree to receive occasional emails from us to help support LiveCad. LiveCad is entirely user supported, so if you find this service valuable, please consider a small (ongoing) donation subscription to help support the dispatch centers and fire departments that use LiveCad every day. LiveCad is provided to these agencies at no charge, so your support will enable LiveCad to keep functioning for (hopefully) many years to come.

Once you register, validate your email address, and log in, you can navigate to various configurations and choose one that is applicable to you. You can then bookmark that link and make a shortcut to it. As long as your browser supports cookies, it should not ask you to log in again. If it does, you may need to enable cookies on your browser.

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